Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Tools

With the introduction of Extension Manager in Visual Studio 2010, you can easily search and download different extensions that will allow you to be more productive as a developer. One of this is the “Productivity Power Tools” which is a set of extensions to Visual Studio that improves developer productivity.

To add it in Visual Studio, open Visual Studio then click Tools > Extensions Manager. Click Online Gallery


Select Productivity Power Tools and click Download. After the download is finished, click Install.


Once the installation finished, you will now be redirected to the Productivity Power Tools Page in Visual Studio Gallery Site. You can visit it here.

Here are the top three features I like about this extension.

Solution Navigator

This is an enhanced Solution Explorer that combines the functionality of Solution Explorer, Class View and Find Symbols. This also allows you to filter the files in the project based on opened and unsaved files. What I really like with this feature is that it allows developer to search in a solution up to the class level.


Searchable Add Reference Dialog

This feature allows developers to search for a specific assembly. No more scrolling to a long list of assemblies where you can’t find the assembly you want to add


Quick Access

This feature allows developers to search for common IDE tasks that can be executed. See screenshot below where I search for any debug commands. You can just click on a task in the result and it will automatically be executed.


This are just some of the features that you can use with this Productivity Tool extension. You can explore more of this extension and find out how it will improve your productivity as a developer.


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